Project Progress
Code MedScapes Project Status
WP1.1 Project Initiation  
WP1.2 Overall Project coordination and management  
WP1.3 Management at the Partner/Applicant organization level  
WP2.1 CVD Plan finalization and Project Branding  
WP2.2 The MedScapes website  
WP2.3 Specific Stakeholder dissemination campaign  
WP2.4 Awareness-raising campaign towards the wider public  
WP2.5 Independent communication impact assessment  
WP3.1 Develop and refine the MedScapes Capitalization Strategy  
WP3.2 Promote project results and experiences through existing networks, programmes, international organizations  
WP3.3 Contribute to capitalization efforts of parallel funding programmes  
WP3.4 MedScapes representatives attend European meetings, conferences and other forums  
WP3.5 Create permanent structures to ensure long lasting effect and sustainability of the project results  
WP3.6 Integrate LCA into national/regional/local policies and extend it outside the pilot areas  
WP3.7 Promote mainstreaming of trietary educational materials (WP8) for LCA/HIMA/Risk assessment model capitalization  
WP3.8  Identify financial mechanisms allowing new public and private investments  
WP3.9  Convene Landscape Character Conference to be hosted in Jordan  
WP3.10  Evaluation  
WP4.1 Broad-spectrum Stakeholder Needs/Perceptions Survey  
WP4.2 Meeting of Experts  
WP4.3 Best-practice methodology (BPM) for LCA  
WP5.1  Organize and implement a 5-day LCA training programme for partnership organizations  
WP5.2 Carry out full LCA progress for the whole of Cyprus  
WP5.3 Pilot LCA / mapping process for partner countries  
WP5.4 Mentoring/Training of Partner-country LCA teams as required  
WP6.1 Training workshop in Lebanon on implementation of Hima approach  
WP6.2 Applying Hima Community based approach in the partner countries  
WP6.3 Evaluation of Hima application in partner countries  
WP7.1  Collating the Components of Risk-assessment  
WP7.2 Conceptual Risk-assessment model development  
WP7.3 DSS Tool Development  
WP7.4 Decision makers' workshop for testing of DSS  
WP7.5 Revision and finalization of the DSS & Manual  
WP8.1  Experts workshop(s)  
WP8.2 Preparation of the technical content  
WP8.3  Preparation of the training package  
WP8.4 Testing the Training material  
WP8.5 Evaluation of Education Material (EM)  


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